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Satsang Vol 24

Vol 24 No 1-2

The Earth Speaks Back
A Remembrance
From Vasant’s Talks to Homa Therapy Teachers in India
It Can Be Achieved Quickly
Homa Therapy in Chile
Second Earth Healing at Narada Ashram
Full Moon Yajnya in Algodonales, Spain
Children's Program in Algodonales
Fires on Canary Islands
5 A.M. Mantras - Purport (Agni Sukta)
From Vasant’s Correspondence


Vol 24 No 3

Yajnya Removes Negative Habits
From Vasant’s Talks in Canary Islands, August 1996
What is the Aim of All Spiritual Practice?
Homa Therapy in Poland
Claymont Agricultural Project
Agnihotra Fire
5 A.M. Mantras - Purport
Letters to Satsang


Vol 24 No 4

Vasant’s Talk on Granja Homa Shreedham, Spain
Trip to Easter Island
Homa Therapy in Argentina
From Vasant’s Correspondence


Vol 24 No 5

Report from Amazon Region of Peru
Message by Vasant
Fire Temple Inauguration in Poland
Sattwa Farm and the Sacred Fires
Agnihotra: Ayurvedic Healing Fire, Antidote to a Polluted World
Agnihotra at the Rainbow Gathering
From Vasant’s Correspondence


Vol 24 No 6

From Vasant’s Talks in Madison, Virginia, December, 1996
Sigatoka Negra Project in Panama
The Power of the Fire - Experiences of a Medical Doctor in Colombia and Central America
Report from Boquete, Panama
Homa Therapy in Panama City


Vol 24 No 7

From Vasant’s Talk in Panama
Morning Agnihotra
My Experiences at Homa Farm Shreedham, Spain
My Experiences at Shreedham
From Vasant’s Correspondence - Advice to Couples